Conference photography

Being an event organiser myself I understand the importance of good photography to share during and after your event. The important thing about conference photography is not only capturing the moment but not taking the audience or speakers focus away from the session,


Like all of my other photo packages, I focus on being discrete to take nothing away from your guest's attention whilst still getting the images. Here is how I work to minimise the distraction;

  • Invested in silent shooting cameras - No shutter sound (Clicks)

  • Minimal flash photography - Only when essential or for effect (On the dance floor)

  • Dressed to blend in - Let us know if there is a dress theme and we will match to blend in with the guests


If you are interested in booking me for your next conference then get in touch!

Price package

All prices are for 15 miles from BA11, however, I am more than happy to travel to any destination but prices will vary depending on location and package needed. Prices are also for a single photographer but I have some fantastic associates if your wedding requires it.


Secure your booking with a 5% deposit! The remaining balance to be paid 4 weeks before the big day!

Half-Day (Up to 4 hours): £300

Full-Day (Up to 8 hours): £550

  • 24-hour delivery! (after the event ends) 

  • Live sharing of images for you to use on social media - No added cost!

  • High-resolution images delivered through a custom gallery.

  • Unlimited commercial usage - Captured by Liam reserves the right to use images for marketing purposes, If you would like exclusive rights we can work something out!

  • Web optimised images can be provided at no extra cost!

  • Price includes two revisions if needed.

Conference Photography FAQ

Where do you cover?

Although I am based in Somerset and mostly shoot events in the Bath and Bristol area I have also shot in Devon as well as London. I am happy to travel but please note that the distance and timings could increase prices to cover this - I try to keep my prices as low as possible for you as I know how expensive a wedding can be.

How would you best describe your style? 

Candid or documentary photography is my specialism, I personally hate being in front of the camera and seeing images where people have been forced to smile and laugh as it does not look as good as it does naturally. I love capturing the authentic emotions at events especially weddings where emotions are so high and there is so much love in the room.

Are you insured?

I am fully insured and have public liability up to £5,000,000

Can you work with children?

Yes, I am fully DBS checked and have worked with lots of businesses such as Avon valley adventure park and Baskervilles gymnastic's which were all events where I was photographing and videoing children as the primary focus and they loved the content.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

I have been shooting professionally since 2015 in a variety of settings but have had a camera in my hand for over 15 years, developing my skills and style!

What are the usage rights on the images?

You will get complete unrestricted personal use rights to share and print the images!

How well do you deal with stress?

I have always had the ability to hide any sort of stress and just keep things flowing no matter what. As well as photography I have been an event planner and one of my largest scale events was a 92 event festival over the course of 5 days in multiple venues...and I was able to keep a focused eye and it ran completely smooth.