• liam macauley

Who is Captured by Liam?

Updated: Feb 13

Hey! I’m Liam…For over six years I have been specialising in event capture through photo and video with the aim of capturing the real atmosphere of an event without being a distraction. I have worked with I wide variety of national clients including Boomtown festival and Jisc showing that I can do anything from creative marketing campaigns to corporate events to weddings. I have also worked with many local Bath clients including; Bristech, Bath Digital Festival and The Bath Festival just to name a few. Working in the fast-paced events industry I have learnt to deal with anything that comes my way and never being afraid of new challenges.

After working in various roles within the hospitality and services industries I understood how important it was to have a personal connection with a business which is why I pride myself on being your point of contact from the start to the finish of the project. I have covered full day conventions solo where there were multiple sessions running at once so I can handle the pressure without loss of quality, however, I have some great associates to bring on board if the project requires but you will still have a personal experience directly with myself. As well as a personal experience I have also invested a lot of money into ensuring that my equipment is silent to operate so your guests will not be distracted by a loud camera shutter throughout an interesting talk or an intimate moment.

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