What type of photographer is right for your wedding?

If you have never booked a photographer you may be unaware of the different types of photographers there are...and thus not knowing what one would be right for your wedding. I am going to briefly go over the main three options here but if you are unsure about what you think you want/need for your wedding get in touch and I will help you work it out.

Contemporary photography

This type of photography is very trendy and usually has highly stylised images. The images can vary greatly depending on the photographer but their style, choice of poses, special effects and editing can make some very cinematic and arty shots. A large number of contemporary styled images are used in many magazines because of the impression they can leave.


- A very trendy result that is likely to make an impression on your social media feed after the wedding!

- Each shoot is usually very unique meaning your images will always stand out


- Depending on the experience and the vision of the photographer this can take longer than other styles of photography

- Usually the photographer has the majority of the say in the look and the vision of the images which can make them less personal to some couples

Photojournalistic Style

Also known as reportage, documentary or candid photography. This is my preferred style to shoot because it is the only real way to capture the real atmosphere of your wedding without having to stage images...because nothing is worse than fake laughing for a picture! This style of photography is perfect for those who do not like being in front of the camera as for the majority of the day if the photographer is good then you won't notice them taking pictures - I have had feedback where after the introduction in the morning they forgot I was there because I pride myself in being discreet at events but still getting all shots needed for the event. No need to pose for this style as the photographer will just go around all of the guests at the wedding and capture them having a good time!


- This is bar far the best way to capture the real emotions from the day

- Unobtrusive for the wedding couple and the guests

- Perfect option if the wedding couple is not very confident in front of the camera


- None...okay I might be a little bias here

- If you want group shots with certain people you need to ensure that the photographer is able to happy to mix styles of shooting to get the more traditional shots

Traditional photography

There has been a standard style of photography used for many years in photography which all get similar results is a way to get fairly timeless images. If you are looking for your day to be captured without anything special then traditional is the way to go. Traditional photographers are the ones who can get the large group shots of everyone at weddings usually with the group looking up and waving.


- The style of the images will not go out of style...but your clothes choices might, think of your older families wedding pictures!

- Traditional photographers are experienced in giving lots of direction to couples and groups so even if couples are camera shy they will be told exactly what to do to look their best


- To be able to get all of the images you want can take time, getting everyone in the right place and not blinking is possible...with time!

- They are not the most creative images

Has this helped you decide on which type of photographer you want for your wedding? If you need more help just get in touch!

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