Capturing your wedding without the fuss!

Capturing memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Based in Somerset but happy to travel.
Fully insured and DBS checked.


A bit about me

Hey! I’m Liam…


For as long as I can remember I have had a camera attached to me, starting with exploring the photo button on my parents mini DV camcorder to now making it my career…and thankfully the technology has improved since then! As I got older I started to prefer being behind the camera more than in front, I loved being able to capture memories of friends and family. Like most, the classic “cheese” poses were the majority of my pictures but as I experimented I learned to love the more natural candid images. As my photography skills developed so did my ability to capture special moments discretely and that is when I knew the type of work I wanted to pursue. For over six years I've been specialising in capturing events through photo and video without distraction.


I don’t want to be like the old school photographers that will get you all to stand in a line and force a smile, I want to blend into your wedding almost as if I was just a friend with a camera…but also with the skills. I have worked most roles in the events industry including; catering, sound technician and even organiser so if any problems come up on the day I can jump in to save you!


Getting married somewhere where parking is an issue? It likely won’t be a problem for me, I ride a motorbike so can get around most locations that cars struggle. Oh and this doesn’t mean I will be in full bike gear during your big day (unless you want that) I do a quick change act into some smart attire to match your wedding guests.


We can't stop sharing our pictures as they are just so amazing! There were so many little things that you wouldn't think about on a wedding day that can become disasters but every time Liam stepped in to save the day. From ripped trousers being mended with a sewing kit, broken bracelets being fixed with a safety pin, blister plasters for my sore feet and somehow managing to have an endless supply of tissues on hand for the emotional parts of the day! Not just a great photographer but the best person to have at a wedding.